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Our Mission

Through advocacy and education, Mississippi in Action focuses on social justice and equality in sexual and reproductive health and rights among its communities.  

About MIA

Mississippi in Action was founded in 2009,

after noticing a lack of holistic advocacy and education pertaining to HIV/AIDS, reproductive justice, and homelessness. 

Through advocacy and education, Mississippi in Action Focuses on social justice and equality in sexual and reproductive health and rights among its communities. 

Mississippi in Action works with the WHOLE person, not just a  part of the person.  Using the Maslow hierarchy of needs, Mississippi in Action Works diligently to ensure that every aspect of a person's well-being is met.

  • Assisted in having language removed from the Mississippi Department of Health Surveillance form which violated women and men's reproductive rights

  • Worked with Mississippi State Department of Health to have HIV/AIDS criminalization language removed from the legislation

  • Hosted two State AIDS Legislative Day at the Capitol

  • Conducted research on attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge on HIV and PrEP  

  • Created an HIV Advocacy Training Manual

  • Hosts "Our Liberation Table" monthly

  • Work with Mississippi Department of Health to secure $2.5 million dollar match for Ryan White.​​

    Hosted Dinner & Movie in Observance of National Girls & Women HIV/AIDS Awareness Day​

  • Co-Sponsored a listening session with Southern AIDS Coalition (SAC)

  • Co-Sponsored  Community discussion for a new Mississippi Department of Health State HIV/AIDS/STD Director

  • Identified and place several individuals living with HIV/AIDS into permanent housing

History of MIA 

Meet Our
Executive Director

Valencia Robinson is a native of Jackson, MS. She began her career in HIV/AIDS as a volunteer at Building Bridges, Inc.; from there she saw a need to work as an advocate to affect policy change in Mississippi.   Valencia organized the historical “Walk against AIDS” in 2008 a 172-mile walk to ask the next President of the United States for a National AIDS Strategy. She has worked at the ACLU of Mississippi as Juvenile Justice and Reproductive Rights Intern.


Valencia Robinson is CEO/Founder of Mississippi in Action. She is a strong advocate for women's rights, LGBTQ rights and awareness, and reproductive justice.  She can often be found at the Capitol, at rallies all over the state and anywhere injustice plagues our marginalized communities. Her community efforts are endless.  She is always ready to go to work for righteousness and rarely misses an opportunity to make a contribution.

Meet Our Team

Our team is primarily composed of dedicated Black queer individuals deeply rooted in the Mississippi community. We pride ourselves on our inclusive work culture and philosophy, striving to uplift marginalized voices and advocate for social justice with passion and authenticity

Outreach Specialist

Bo Washington

Bonita Washington e is a 57-year-old veteran of the USAR. She is married to her beautiful wife and is a mother of 1 biological daughter, 2 bonus daughters, and a granddaughter. While also being an Outreach Specialist, she is the Self M.A.D.E coordinator.

Outreach Coordinator

Darius Nelson

Darius Nelson (they/them) is a queer and trans-Black person born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. They are a cultural weaver, educator, and artist who is passionate about deconstructing anti-Blackness, ableism, bio-essentialism, queerphobia, and colonialism through a Reproductive Justice lens as it pertains to the Black Mississippian plight.

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